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Ronco Motors commenced operations as a family business in approximately 1960 from its existing premises at Pinnaroo, South Australia. Bert Bailey (founder and Grandfather of the existing of the existing dealer principal) a mechanic by trade, recognised the opportunity in the Mallee region. Bert established a garage servicing cars and other farm machinery equipment.


Bert based his business on providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Subsequently, he was sucessful in applying for and gaining the New Holland franchise in 1962.


Bert's son - Rodney Bailey commenced in the service side of thebusiness.


Ronco Motors successfully tendered for the Case IH franchise, since Pinnaroo has been operating as a dual New Holland and Case IH dealership. There are only a handful of these 'dual franchises' in Australia.


Rodney and Colleen Bailey took over the running of the business. Rodney and Colleen steadily grew the business, harnessing Bert's values of customer service and quality workmanship.


Third generation, Roydn Bailey (son of Rodney and Colleen Bailey) joined the service side of the business. Roydn contintued to work in and gain knowdledge of all aspects of the business.

1986, Roydn, Bert and Rodney Bailey
Roydn, Bert and Rodney Bailey


Roydn and Louise take over running Ronco Motors business. Rodney & Colleen semi-retire.

2005, Roydn Louise Bailey
Roydn Louise Bailey


Fouth generation, Lachlan Bailey (son of Roydn Bailey) joined the service team and commenced his apprenticeship. 2016 Lachlan successfully finished his Apprenticeship and now works in the business as a Service Technician.

2010, Rodney, Lachlan and Roydn Bailey
Rodney, Lachlan and Roydn Bailey


Roydn and Louise expanded the business and opened up the Loxton branch, taking on the New Holland franchise for the Riverland region.

2014, Loxton Open For Business Article
Loxton Opening Article


Recognising the potential of off-road vehicles and embracing Roydn's interest in off-road racing, Ronco motors Loxton took on the BRP Can-am franchise in 2017. This later expanded with the Sea-doo brand in 2018.


Ronco Motors expanded with the addition of the New Holland Dealership located at Karoonda. Formerly known as 'WD Lewis & Co'

2019, Ronco Motors Karoonda
Ronco Motors Karoonda


March of 2020, Ronco Motors successfully tendered for the Case IH franchise in the Riverland. Formerly 'Erroll Matchoss Motors'. Since, Loxton have been operating as a dual New Holland and Case IH dealership.

  • Dealer Principal: Roydn & Louise Bailey
  • Sales/Business Manager:Roydn Bailey
  • Administration: Louise Bailey & Vicki Lockwood
  • Brenton Lacey: Group Parts Manager
  • Marketing Manager: Tori-Lee King

Roydn Bailey

Dealer Principal & Sales Manager

Louise Bailey

Dealer Principal & Administration


Ty Mickan

Pinnaroo & Karoonda Sales Manager

Andrew Ward


Tori-Lee King

Marketing Manager

Vicki Lockwood

Service Advisor/ Administration

Georgia Heinicke

Parts Supervisor

Stacey Edwards

Parts Interpreter

Tenille Maynard

Parts Interpreter

Shaylan Kingdon

Parts Interpreter

Alex Keough

Service Manager

Lachlan Bailey

Service Technician

Ian O'Connor

Service Technician

Nick Bridge

Service Technician

Hayden Beckmann

Apprentice Service Technician

Jai Carlile

Apprentice Service Technician

Rod Bailey

General Handy Man


Wayne Britten

Loxton Sales Manager

Tony Venables


Michael Stone


Stuart Edwards

BRP Sales

Brenton Lacey

Group Parts Manager

Steve Blaser

Service Advisor

Tim Hucks

Parts Supervisor

Heidi Dabinett

Parts Interpreter

Damian Fielke

Parts Interpreter

Joanne Sheppy

Parts Interpreter

John Donaldson

Service Manager

Keke Falland

Service Technician

Tyson Warner

Service Technician

Matt Noack

Service Technician

Dean Ellbourn

BRP Product Service Technician

Trevor Wood

Tradespersons Assistant

Odin Sapinski-Keightley

Apprentice Service Technician

Ryan Bertram

Apprentice Service Technician


Ty Mickan

Pinnaroo & Karoonda Sales Manager

Kym McFee


Ashley Lukey

Operations Manager

Troy Phillips

Parts Interpreter

Sherilyn Sparks

Parts Administration

Matt Cram

Parts Interpreter

Janine Mickan

Service Advisor / Administration

Tim Berling

Service Manager

Peter Cockshell

Tradespersons Assistant

Henry Sommerscales

Apprentice Service Technician

Jack Dee

Apprentice Service Technician


Brenton Venables

Branch Manager

Malcolm Blagus

Sales Manager

Kevin Masterson


Jake Smith

Parts Supervisor

Logan Dunne

Parts Interpreter

Gary Stevens

Parts Interpreter

Rebecca Walters

Service Advisor

Camron Linklater

Service Technician

Ryan Jenner

Service Technician