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3300H Grain Analyser



Monitor and maximise your harvest yield with the 3300H Grain Analyser.

The 3300H Grain Analyser allows you to make the correct decision on how you blend your grain with real time data. Additionally, The 3300H measures protein which is directly related to nitrogen, so you can precisely spread fertiliser where your field needs it. Accurately measure moisture in the field so you can start earlier and finish later.  The 3300H Grain Analyser can be fitted on your new Case IH or New Holland combine or Ronco Motors can retrofit one to your currently used combine.


How it works

The system consists of a NIR Spectrometer and a touch screen PC which sits in the cabin, a remote sampling head and fibre optic cable. Every 5-10 seconds data is collected which is then displayed on the screen showing bin averages, field averages and real time protein maps. This data can be exported onto desktop software to create variable rate maps. 


Click here to see how the 3300H Cropscan works and how farmers have utilised the data calculated into their cropping program.


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